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I started growing peonies in the backyard of our Lenexa,  KS home with 3 small plants. They were cuttings from my Grandmothers home. Year after year my peonies bloomed and my plants grew, increasing yield and I planted more peony plants and varieties sharing the yield with my friends and family. My energy and love for this special flower grew, and we started a peony farm.


In 2015, I ordered 100 plants and began the first rows on 1/2 acre plot of ground on our family farm in the flint hills. They flourished, people were eager for them, and so I have continued to fill this small plot of land, raising more and more stems each year. 

Harvest lasts from May 5-June 1, typically. During this time I have abundant stems to sell.  Thank you for your interest, and for checking out my website. I would love to hear from you if you have further interest or questions.

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