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Guides for Planting

Peony tubers come from the division of fully mature plants. It's best to divide mature plants and/or plant tubers in the fall.  New tubers can be held in damp peat moss for a short period of time, but should be planted well before the first freeze for new plants to get established.

Choosing a location

Peonies perform optimally with a sunny location, adequate water drainage, and spacing three feet from other plants.  When these considerations are taken in mind, it is likely that your plant will do very well with very little care for many years. 


Planting a peony tuber correctly is the single most important factor for ensuring vigorous spring growth with flowers. A hole should be dug twice as wide and deep as the tuber itself. Prior to placing the tuber, backfill the hole with garden soil, allowing the tuber to sit just below the surface of the soil, and at the top of the hole.  The tuber should be covered with garden soil, only a 1-2" covering the top of the plant or the 'eyes'. These are the growing portion of the plant that require cold winter temps and early spring sun.  

Care and consideration

If you live in a location with nutrient rich soil, it is unlikely your soil will need to be amended or fertilized. If you soil is heavy in clay, consider amending soil with garden soil. 

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