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Peony Season 2024 - Ready for it !?

Spring seems to have arrived early in Kansas, my plants are a full two weeks early. Freezing and fluctuating temperatures are normal this time of year, but, hopefully the weather will stay mild while we let the anticipation and excitement build for flowers . . . they will be here soon!

Interested in peonies this May?

Here's how and where to get them.

  1. The 'Peony Pal's' flower subscription: An extra large peony bouquet for 3 weeks in a row. I'll be adding inventory as soon as I get an accurate field count by April 19, here.

  2. Whole Foods in Brookside and Overland Park. Both stores will be stocked with peonies from Mid-May to Mid-June.

  3. Pop Up style: mixed variety bouquet offerings in May as inventory allows. Announcements made via social sites with link here.

  4. Questions or special requests? Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Caring for your plants is easy this time of year. Planning and planting are best done in the fall, spring is all about enjoying the flowers. Keeping weeds and grass from encroaching, ensuring good drainage, and anticipation of your gorgeous blooms, that's what peony season is all about. Wanna know how to store your blooms? Check out this page available to download


xoxo, Julie

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