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Cheers to 2024!

Thank you for joining me on this journey throughout 2023, my inaugural year blogging. It's been a pleasure to share stories from the farm and embrace a few exciting 'firsts'. Among them, I delved into the world of video content, even featuring Don Hollingsworth on my YouTube channel. I hope this venture proves helpful, you can access here

One of the most satisfying 'firsts' was introducing peony subscriptions. The response was beyond what I expected, and I'm thrilled to announce an exapansion this year. Starting February 1st, these subscriptions will be available for purchase. I hope this will be a good gift option for Valentine's Day, promising beautiful bouquets from May to June.

Flowers have a remarkable ability to forge connections. Many of you have shared touching stories, cherished memories, and boundless joy through these flowers. It's a constant reminder of the profound rewards inherent in this work. Peonies evoke emotions of hope, nostalgia, and legacy, inspiring me to venture beyond the flowers themselves, into the realm of beautiful images and art. Collaborating with artist Leslie Wright from Wichita, Kansas, I'm excited to showcase her floral watercolors in stationery and prints, set to launch on January 15th. As spring approaches and the fields burst into bloom, I hope to also capture the season's beauty through photography and media, ensuring these moments endure.

My parents graciously provide the opportunity to grow peonies on a small part of their farm. My father, a talented craftsman, is ready to share some of his work with you. For decades, he's perfected the art of crafting cutting boards (or perhaps you prefer charcuterie boards or bread boards). They are now available for immediate purchase and shipping here. Stay tuned for his hand-turned rolling pins, coming soon.

Your continued support and enthusiasm move these endeavors forward, and I'm endlessly grateful for it. Here's to a promising year ahead filled with creativity, collaboration with area artists, and heartfelt connections.

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