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How about a Peony Bouquet Subscription for Valentine's Day!

The delayed gratification will be worth it, I promise! Details provided in the link below, the subscription will include three weeks of massive bouquets with massive blooms.

Have questions or particular interests? Please reach out, I'll look forward to connecting with you

Live out of state and still interested? Thank you!!! There are alternatives to physical flowers that promise to be extra special. Bread boards (hand made by my Dad), stationery (created by artist Leslie Wright), are a few alternatives (more coming) all year long and can be shipped throughout the US. These are available here

Whole Foods has opened a brand new store at Metcalf and 119th street in Overland Park, KS. Myself and other local growers will be supplying this store as well as the Brookside store with peony bouquets through the month of May and June, and market bouquets throughout the growing season. In years past, these bouquets were only offered in Brookside, and I'm so excited the store is all in with local flowers, all season long. More information will be coming, but FINALLY these bouquets will be available in Johnson County as well as Brookside.

It's an exciting time in Kansas City; the weather has been sunny, the Chiefs are headed to the Superbowl, and our community is thriving with our collective support of local small businesses.

Thank you for shopping local, Thank you for shopping from small businesses, Thank you for supporting our community, and Thank you for supporting me.

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