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The Season Begins . . . in time for Mothers Day

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This time of year brings on so much anxious energy. . . pacing around and just waiting to cut. But the good news is-I'm going to have peony bouquets in time for Mothers Day! I'll be getting an accurate count this weekend, and will upload bouquet sales for purchase by 9 am CST Monday morning via my website. Thank you all for your support and for choosing local growers to celebrate all of the wonderful Mom's out there.

To all of the subscription holders, those will begin the week of May 15, and I'll be sending details on that very very soon.

I wanted to share few tips with you on harvesting your own peonies, and how you can store them, if you want, for some ongoing and delayed gratification.

I like to pick my flowers when the bud is like a soft marshmallow. This allows for the best and longest lasting vase life. It will also keep the ants from getting into the flower. I've included a quick video on how to know the perfect time to harvest. . . .

I've also included a downloadable PDF written by my mentor and peony expert Don Hollingsworth. He provided me with hard copies of some of his 'how to' instructions and has given me permission to share them with you as a downloadable PDF. Don Hollingsworth has been a peony leader and expert, hybridizing new varieties for over 45 years. It's very lucky to know him and learn from him, I'm so glad I can share his words with you. Hopefully they are timely for saving a few of your blooms.

Happy May everyone! It's a wildy busy and beautiful time of year. I hope you all get some time to slow down and enjoy the spring.

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