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Where it began and where we are now.

Updated: Jan 29

My daughter Maya helped me pick armloads of peonies from our backyard in the summer of 2015. It was that year that I learned how special peonies were, in a way that meant I could enjoy them and share them for much longer than the short bloom time. I began cutting the stems and storing them so that I could have them for weeks and weeks.

This spring marks the 8th year of my small peony operation, and getting as many flowers into peoples hands as I can. Coming into spring this year, I've expanded the ways I can get flowers to you. Subscriptions and spring bouquets are available from my website under the shop tab. Spring bouquets are loaded on a 'pop up' basis based on availability while subscriptions are purchased in advance. For bulk ordering (think pre orders, events, wholesale) we utilize a 3rd party to streamline our ordering process. Check out my profile and connect here:

We post our weekly availability there, and shopping through Rooted Farmers allows you to place your orders online, in real time. Orders are paid for on delivery or pickup, as specified at the time of order.

Wholesale buyers and Floral designers, have your reseller certificate handy when creating your account.

​Have questions about getting started? Please feel free to contact me!

I'm so excited to connect through flowers this season, and looking forward to a beautiful spring.

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